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Are you looking for a suitable web and mobile app to simplify your company's communication? We are here for you! We have developed an optimal working environment for you, thanks to which you can deal with various requirements all in one place..



  • We have developed an optimal working environment for you in the form of a modern responsive web application that will make your corporate communication more efficient.
  • Thanks to the web and mobile app, you have constant access to the intranet from anywhere.
  • The app will help you with various requirements (employee leave, payroll, project management, company news, ideas, innovations, trust box, etc.)
  • We will adapt the intranet to your needs by developing specific customized modules.
  • The intranet can be connected to your ERP system - an economic information system based on (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Helios, Pohoda, etc.).
  • You will have all information in one place (documents, contacts to colleagues, organisational structure, directives, etc.)




What does agenet allow you to do?


  •  Employee Directory

Here you will find all your employees and contact details (work and personal). Everyone can customize their profile (add photos, interests, hobbies, etc.). For each employee, you can then see an overview of leave and payroll (electronic distribution of the employee's pay slip). There are also notification of upcoming birthdays.


  •  Organisational structure

In the application, you can organize the company structure and assign individual employees to specific departments, which then allows you to share information only for the selected department. You will also find a company signpost, which is used to store links to the most important systems and applications.


  •  Events, gallery

The app allows you to post upcoming events where employees can confirm their attendance, giving you a clearer way to organise the event. You also have the possibility to upload and download photos in the company gallery.


  •  News, documents, manuals

Here you can publish various company news, individual documents, instructions and work procedures, as well as company directives, which employees can confirm electronically after reading.


  •  Ideas database, trust box

Thanks to the idea database module, employees have the opportunity to contribute various ideas for improving the company's operations, what the company could implement, etc... Individual ideas can then be commented on and voted for. The trust box (Whistleblowing) is used to collect the trust boxes of the company's employees completely anonymously.

Proč spolupracovat právě s námi?



  •  Experience

We have more than 15 years of experience. We approach every project with enthusiasm. We are a team of young creative people who are not afraid of the slightest challenge. We have skilled graphic and UX designers, we will design the ideal look and layout of your app's controls.


  • Connectivity

We create apps not only for mobile phones, but also for tablets and other smart devices. We can integrate them with other systems or connect them to social networks.


  • Efficiency

We pride ourselves on high quality and clear code that is easy to modify and extend. We develop in an agile way, because this way allows us to have more control over the project. At the same time, development is more transparent for our customers, who have an overview of the budget and progress of the project. In addition, agile development gives us more room for later modifications.


  • Testing

We don't forget about continuous testing. We check both the functionality and security of the application. We also test them in real life and on different devices to ensure complete reliability.


  • Launch assistance

Launching is not an easy thing, but thanks to our long-standing experience, we are able to ensure a seamless deployment to app marketplaces such as Google Play and App Store. We then collect feedback from users and deal with the design and implementation of further development of the app.


  • Long-term cooperation

We like long-term projects that we can continuously developmodernize and be proud of in cooperation with the customer. Over time, we can constantly modify and improve to keep everything in line with modern trends.