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Start with us to change thoughts and ideas of our clients in mobile applications and information systems! Join us and you can participate in Czech and foreign projects, develop your skills and gain new experience.

In our company, we pride ourselves on our strong corporate culture. So, you will work in a pleasant atmosphere with young and friendly people who respect each other, help each other and enthusiastically face different challenges together. 

We work from spacious offices, where there is always enough strong and tasty coffee available, because without it the IT company simply cannot function at all. Do you need to work from home? That is also possible from time to time.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our agentes's events. You can try go-karts with us, relax with a hookah, participate in sports tournament or in the evening even evaluate the quality of local beer. Several times a year, our boss Vojta also organizes a grill party where we can enjoy delicious food and draft beer.

Co říkají členové týmu

Current vacancies

How does it work here?

One for all, all for one

We are a well-coordinated team, we respect and help each other. We are all on the same boat and do not waste time and energy with a lot of useless formalities.

We feel good here

We work in a pleasant environment of spacious recently refurbished offices, where everyone has their own place, which they can customize exactly according to individual needs.

We have enough enthusiasm

We share the common joy and enthusiasm not only of technology but also of things that we enjoy as individuals in our free time.

Projects that make us happy

Before accepting we carefully select orders so that we enjoy working on them. We are not afraid of more complex solutions and new technologies and we enjoy looking for suitable solutions.

We are not bored

We regularly organize a lot of events. We then enjoy and share together sport, gastronomic, adrenaline and other experiences.

We teach ourselves and others

We like to improve ourselves in what we do, so we are still learning new things. We like to pass on what we know to our colleagues and IT novices.

We are all unique

The satisfaction of individuals is a priority for us, so we treat each employee individually. We listen, give feedback, highlight strengths and improve weaknesses.

Coffee paradise

Coffee is our engine, so in our offices it never happens that it runs out. But do not worry, we appreciate tea lovers exactly the same.

Teambuildings – our favorite activity. We enjoy go-karts, treasure hunts, various sports or even a peaceful sitting over something delicious to drink or to eat.
We like to pass on our experience and knowledge through workshops, courses or via taking students to our company for internships or to allow them to spend time with our managers.
We have been developing software and working with hardware for 16 years. Over the years we have achieved both major and minor successes, we have also made a few mistakes but we have learned a lot.
We enjoy finding solutions even in the most difficult situations.
Agentes is about people. We care about the success of not only the company, but all of our employees. This makes us feel good and at the same time able to do a great job for our clients.
We are gourmets. We make corporate breakfast, wine tasting, but also barbecues. Join our team and eat with us!
We always find a reason to celebrate.
Together we try new things not only at work but also outside the office. For example we learned snowboarding, rafting or even sailing on a yacht.

Join us!

We are a team of young enthusiastic people and we are just expanding our team!