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Are you looking for a suitable web application, but no boxed solution meets your real needs? We are here for you! We will develop a modern web application that will implement your business processes.



  • We will design and create your corporate web application.
  • Based on a careful analysis of your company processes, we will propose the ideal solution for their digitalization, including specific customized features.
  • We use powerful technologies such as AngularJS, HTML 5, etc.
  • We have extensive experience with system integration of ERP - economic information systems based on (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Helios, etc.).
  • Our solution in combination with agile SCRUM development model enables easy implementation of changes.
  • We guarantee project implementation based on a contractually agreed fixed price within an agreed schedule.


Development of corporate web applications


Why you should want a web application from us?


  •  Experiences

We have a lot of experience in software development. We have been on the market for 15 years. We cooperate with start-ups, but it is not a problem for us to meet the requirements of large companies.


  • Technolgies

We use modern open-source technologies without the burden of third-party licenses: Java, Spring Boot, AngularJS, HTML5, PostgreSQL, etc.


  • Quality and clarity

Because we know that the needs of users of corporate web applications sometimes change with time, we make sure that the code is clear and that it can be easily extended in the future according to new customer requirements.


  • Connectivity

We can also create more complex web applications, which we then integrate with existing applications and other systems. We can connect not only billing, ERP systems and others, but we can also connect with other devices such as jukeboxes, portable printers, various sensors and so on.


  • Testing

We perform safety and stress tests to minimize the risk of problems after the system is put into live operation. So you can rely on our systems.


  • Long-term cooperation

We are happy to work with our clients on a long-term basis. We enjoy keeping systems up-to-date and in line with the needs of their users.


  • Enthusiasm

We approach all projects with determination, creativity and enthusiasm. Our team is truly unafraid of any challenge.



Benefits of a customised web application


  • The system is designed to fit your business processes. 

The users are not bothered by unnecessary features of the box solution and at the same time they have all the necessary features at their disposal. The system adapts to the users.


  • Flexible system development

In the first phase of the web application development, the basic features are developed and expanded in the future according to the current needs of users.


  • One-time price without regular license fees

The system is implemented on the basis of a guaranteed fixed price without additional license fees, which for conventional box solutions range from tens to hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns per year.


  • The client becomes the owner of the system

Once the development of web application is complete, ownership of the source code passes to the client.


At a non-binding meeting over a good cup of coffee, we will discuss your ideas and requirements and possibilities for cooperation. You will get an indicative idea of the price of the desired solution.


Our analysts will thoroughly familiarize themselves with your requirements and find a suitable solution, which they will summarize in an analysis, on the basis of which you will receive a refined quotation of the offered solution.


After signing the contracts, a detailed project analysis, product backlog creation, architecture and solution design are carried out.


We use an agile approach to application development, which allows us to react flexibly to changes during development. The designed solution is continuously tested using automated tools and in-house testers.


Once the main block of software development is completed, we will make the application available for acceptance testing for pilot operation. Before deploying the application into live operation, we incorporate changes based on customer feedback, communicate with future users and work on their training.


According to the set parameters of cooperation, we also provide operation, user support, bug fixes, implementation of new requirements, continuous updates, backups, performance monitoring.

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